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9 ianuarie 2013

Cum obisnuiesti cainele cu bebelusul

Am gasit fragmentul asta intr-un articol si mi-a placut; nu e si nu a fost cazul nostru, dar imi place ca trateaza animalutul ca pe un important membru al familiei. :)

~ When you bring a baby home from the hospital, your pet probably won’t be the focus of your undivided attention anymore. And guess what: He’ll pick up on that pretty quickly. There are ways to make your dog feel loved - and love your baby, in return. “We always tell people to bring an extra swaddling blanket to the hospital,” says Dr. Coren. “Wrap the baby in that, then put it where your dog sleeps—that way, the scent from the very beginning is associated with something he already likes.” ~ (sursa:


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