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20 octombrie 2010

De adormit copiii : The Ferry for Sleppy Town

O poezie minunat de delicată, care sunt sigură că se și poate cânta. În poză, Mihai pe când avea 1 lună. :)

Sway to and fro in the twilight gray;
This is the ferry for Sleppy Town;
It always sails at the end of the day,
Just as the darkness closes down.

Rest little head, on my shoulder, so;
A sleepy kiss is the only fare,
Drifting away from the world, we go,
Baby and I in the rocking-chair.

See where the fire-logs glow and spark,
Glitter the lights of the shadowland,
The raining drops on the window, hark!
Are ripples lapping upon its strand.

There, where the mirror is glancing dim,
A lake lies shimmering, cool and still.
Blossoms are waving above its brim,
Those over there on the window-sill.

Rock slow, more slow in the dusky light,
Silently lower the anchor down;
Dear little passenger, say “Good-night.”
We’ve reached the harbor of Sleppy Town.

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