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7 septembrie 2010

Despre viitorul utopic si SF (Kim Stanley Robinson)

A scris trilogia colonizarii planetei Marte, iar romanele sale au castigat mai mult de zece din cele mai importante premii din literatura science fiction, asa ca mi se pare important ce a avut de spus la AussieCon 4, a 68-a World Science Fiction Convention, care a avut loc intre 2-6 septembrie 2010 la Melbourne, Australia.
Here it goes:

"We're heading for a utopian future and I say that because it's either utopia or a really severe catastrophe."

"The powers of human science and ingenuity are such that even despite this strangely dangerous situation we're in I have full confidence that people will for their own sakes and for their children's sakes, will get a grip and, even if it's 51 per cent, even if it's a hung parliament with a lot of dealings to pull a few more people into the fold, that's all you need." (cred ca e cam prea increzator aici, dar presupun ca asa sunt oamenii astia care  v a d  in viitor)

"The truth is it's really hard to write those kind of stories and we don't see enough of them because of the utopian problem - the blueprint is boring whereas the disaster is more exciting. Making [sustainability] exciting is a double-bind, a particular problem that I wish more people would attack." (asta l-as considera un raspuns la criticile micutilor care au considerat Marte plictisitoare; ha ha, guess what, sunteti superficiali, grow up)

"The more visions we have of a future where things are going right in some large sense, the more we believe in our hearts that we're headed that way as a consensus culture."

(surse: ABCNews)

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