Doua poezii de Miss Mulock (1908) - 2070 de cuvinte

11 aprilie 2010

Doua poezii de Miss Mulock (1908)

Am gasit ieri noapte doua poezioare pe care le-am indragit imediat... Sunt scrise de Dinah Maria Mulock Craik, cunoscuta si ca Miss Mulock, renumita autoare de carti pentru copii la inceputul anilor 1900. Din cate am aflat, a avut doi copii, un baiat si o fetita. Ei bine, doua dintre poeziile ei mi-au atras atentia pentru ca reflecta, intr-un mod simplu si aproape pe un ton copilaresc, aspecte din viata noastra. Mihai nu e gelos ca baietelul din prima poezie, dar are uneori momente cand vrea cu orice pret sa arate ca el e seful si o face pe Maria sa planga; de multe ori, dupa ce il cert din cauza asta ma uit la el si in tacere simt si eu cam ceea ce descrie Miss Mulock. A doua poezie ma duce cu gandul la cosmarurile lui Mihai, la gandurile pe care le am cand fug la el si il strang in brate ca sa il linistesc. La fel. Singura diferenta este ca nu sunt un om foarte religios, asa ca Dumnezeu este de multe ori inlocuit cu alta notiune (sa imi fie iertat). Oricum, genul asta de intamplari sunt pentru mine ca o marturie ca unele lucruri sau sentimente nu se schimba nici in 100 de ani.

Asadar, poeziile. Bucurati-va de ele!
THE JEALOUS BOY, de Miss Mulock

What, my little foolish Ned,
Think you mother's eyes are blind,
That her heart has grown unkind,
And she will not turn her head,
Cannot see, for all her joy,
Her poor jealous little boy?

What though sister be the pet
Laughs, and leaps, and clings, and loves,
With her eyes as soft as dove's
Why should yours with tears be wet?
Why such angry tears let fall?
Mother's heart has room for all.

Mother's heart is very wide,
And its doors all open stand:
Lightest touch of tiniest hand
She will never put aside.
Why her happiness destroy,
Foolish, naughty, jealous boy?

Come within the circle bright,
Where we laugh, and dance, and sing,
Full of love to everything;
As God loves us, day and night,
And forgives us. Come... with joy
Mother too forgives her boy.

DON'T BE AFRAID, de Miss Mulock

Don't be afraid of the dark,
My daughter, dear as my soul!
You see but a part of the gloomy world,
But I... I have seen the whole,
And I know each step of the fearsome way,
Till the shadows brighten to open day.

Don't be afraid of pain,
My tender little child:
When it's smart is worst there comes strength to bear,
And it seems as if angels smiled,
As I smile, dear, when I hurt, you now
In binding up that wound on your brow.

Don't be afraid of grief,
'Twill come... as night follows day,
But the bleakest sky has tiny rifts
When the stars shine through... as to say
Wait, wait a little... till night is o'er
And beautiful day come back once more.

O child, be afraid of sin,
But have no other fear,
For God's in the dark, as well as the light;
And while we can feel Him near,
His hand that He gives, His love that He gave,
Lead safely, even to the dark of the grave.

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