Old Cigarettes Ads sau "Don't delay! Try some today!"

by - octombrie 14, 2008

Urasc tigarile.
Urasc fumul de tigara, mai ales.
Si ii urasc si pe fumatori... in mare parte.

Oricum, am dat peste niste ad-uri, pe cat de vechi, pe atat de ciudate. Un fel de rasu'-plansu' acum, dar ma amuza spiritul de turma.

...si cireasa de pe tort...

In caz ca nu se vede bine, citez: "When you want to turn on the ladies, we're there! If you want to look like a hot stud, count on us! Want to be the next President? Just do what Ronald Reagan does, smoke lots and LOTS of PALL MALL Brand cigarettes! The sooner you start, the faster you'll rise to political success. Don't delay! Try some today!"
Damn, as zice... cel mai manelist si haifaivist ad. Cam cum e cu decapotabilele sau masinile mari azi...

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