Lying down alone... In the cold night

by - martie 06, 2010

Doua poezii foarte, foarte vechi, din volumul The Garden of Bright Waters, de Edward Powys Mathers, publicat in 1920.

LYING DOWN ALONE (poezie araba)
I shall never see your tired sleep
In the bed that you make beautiful,
Nor hardly ever be a dream
That plays by your dark hair;
Yet I think I know your turning sigh
And your trusting arm's abandonment,
For they are the picture of my night,
My night that does not end.

IN THE COLD NIGHT, de Yuan Mei (1715-1797)
Reading in my book this cold night,
I have forgotten to go to sleep.
The perfumes have died on the gilded bed-cover;
The last smoke must have left the hearth
When I was not looking.
My beautiful friend snatches away the lamp.
Do you know what the time is?

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